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Box Tops for Education


Box Tops for Education offers parents and kids easy, everyday ways to earn cash for our school. Since 1996, 90,000 schools in America have earned more than $525 million all through the Box Tops for Education program. We receive a check twice a year from General Mills for submitted Box Tops. That money can go towards anything the PTO designates. 


Each Box Top is worth 10¢ and there are numerous Bonus Box Top offers throughout the year. Look for the Box Top Logo on more than 240 participating products. For more information on products with Box Tops visit


This is what a Box Top looks like. These are found on more than 250 participating products from Cereal to produce, office products and apparel just to mention a few. Sometimes stores such as Rainbow, Cub and Walgreens will offer Bonus and eBoxTops at the register with checkout. 


Send clipped and Bonus Box Tops in a baggie with a note indicating the student's name and teacher. We typically run contests that award prizes to individuals and classrooms who bring in the most Box Tops, so make sure your student gets credit!


We usually run two big collections periods per school year; one in the fall and one in the spring.  We submit the Box Tops to General Mills right after that.  Box Tops do expire, so please send them in whenever you can, any time of the year.  As long as the bag is labeled, we will be able to give the student credit during our next contest.


As a school, we get 10¢ for each Box Top we submit. Over the last few years, Middleton has earned $2000 - $3000 per year...just for sending in those little cardboard rectangles! 

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