• To support and speak on behalf of our children and youth in the school and in the community.

  • Lend its energy, talent, and time to improve the quality of education​

  • To promote and nurture a team atmosphere among parents, teachers, students and staff​

  • To develop a united effort between educators and parents to secure for all children and youth the highest advantages in physical, mental, and social education.​

  • To invite diverse and broad participation from parents in a variety of roles through new ideas, better communication and a commitment to work as a team.​

  • To make recommendations to the professional and support staff​

  • To assist parents in developing the skills they need to raise and protect their children.​

  • To encourage parent and public involvement in our school.​​​​ 

Middleton Elementary PTO is a community of parents, teachers, and support staff who have joined together to educate and nurture the children of Middleton Elementary. The Middleton PTO is an organization whose purpose is to​:

Our funds are used as follows:​​​

  • Provide programs that will enhance our children’s classroom experience and encourage school spirit and pride.​​​​ 

  • Provide special class projects and special equipment for the school.

  • Provide support of the arts and enrichment programs in the school.​​​​

  • Sponsor informational programs for parents, students and staff.​​


Stephanie Kraft
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Stephanie is one of our co-presidents this year. Stephanie and her husband Tyler have two kids at Middleton - Braeden (4th grade) and Keegan (2nd).  


You can usually find them at a dance studio, at a competitive swim meet, or on a baseball field when they aren’t at school or reading a book.  Stephanie can be reached at kraftfamily08@gmail.com 

Deanna Swanson
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Deanna is one of our co-presidents this year. Deanna and her husband, Rob Maguire have two boys -  Andrew (5th Grade) and Jacob (3rd Grade). Everyone in the family loves sports, so they're always running around town (nights & weekends) - yoga, running, baseball, golf & hockey. You can reach her at 


Kristin Tranby
Vice President

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This is Kristin's first year on the PTO. She has two boys - Kieran is a 3rd grader at Middleton and Everett is in 6th grade at Lake Middle. Kristin and her family are big MN sports fans (especially baseball and football) and love spending time at the lake! Kristin is also a preschool teacher and Pound Fitness instructor. She can be reached at 


Mary Jenniges
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Mary and her husband Chris have two girls: Addison is in 1st grade and Molly is 3 years old.  Mary is a nurse in the neonatal ICU.  

As a family, they like to hang out with their neighbors, be outside, and have family movie nights.  You can reach Mary at mary.b.jenniges@gmail.com

Natasha Roux
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Tasha is the PTO Treasurer. She and her husband Matt have four children at Middleton - Austin (5th), Emma (4th), Anna (4th), and Addison (2nd). 


When not at Middleton, they can usually be found on a football, baseball, soccer, or softball field. Tasha has been the team manager for her daughters’ soccer team and Matt coaches both football and baseball. 


Tasha can be reached at MiddletonPTOTreasurer@gmail.com

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You could be pictured here!

Are you interested in being a board member?  Or would you like to chair one of our many activities 

or events?

Maybe you don’t have a lot of time, but still want to help

in some small, yet meaningful, way.  The PTO relies on a great number of volunteers throughout the year for our many events and activities.  


There are many ways you can help, whether it’s from the comfort of your own couch or running an event at school. 

We’d love to talk to you!  Check out our volunteer opportunities or email us at yourmiddletonpto@gmail.com for more information!  


To contact the PTO please email: 


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